Our Pastor

Our Pastor

Pastor and Sis. Pace

Pastor Joel Pace is a Godly man that loves the Lord and has been faithful to weekly church services since 1984. Pastor Pace was faithful to Dallas Apostolic Church for nine years before the Lord called him to start a work on the south side of Dallas, Texas. The church has grown and many people have had their lives changed under his ministry.

Pastor Pace preaches and teaches the truth in love. His care and love for God's people can be felt by everyone. He has been blessed with a beautiful wife who is the favorite of many of the young people who she works so well with. Her faithfulness as a child of God and wife of Pastor Pace has allowed God to bless them abundantly. All three of their children, Joel, Jared and Elissa have the Holy Ghost and are living for God.

God has anointed Pastor Pace to preach and teach with revelation that unfolds the word of God to everyone. The church has grown spiritually with the Tuesday night Bible Studies that are open session which allows for questions and comments.

GTAC has been blessed by the Lord to have such a wonderful Pastor that loves truth and holiness.

May the Lord continue to bless, strengthen, and reveal to our Pastor that he may be a pastor according to God's own heart. We give God all the glory, praise and honor for our Pastor, his family and our wonderful church.